Robert Deutsch is a home baker and cook, who loves nothing more than “tweaking” existing recipes to make them better. Though many home cooks aspire to be in the CIA or win a MOF, he is content to work in the Low Arts, also known as “comfort foods.”To make “the world’s best grilled cheese sandwiches,” is itself is a noble goal for which he believes he will be fondly remembered by the generations he has served.  When not cooking, he is a game developer, strategy consultant, content developer and marketing guy.

About the Low Arts®
“The Low Arts®” is a made-up term I use to refer to the not-so-fine-art of short order cooking, running a hash house, or basically what nearly all parents have to do every day to feed their family: stand at the stove/toaster/counter and take orders, add ingredients, take out ingredients, or otherwise change/modify perfectly good recipes on the fly to suit the mercurial moods of their family and their loved ones. My successful efforts in this arena are what I am putting on this blog.

I started this blog for two reasons. One, whenever I bring baked goods anywhere, I often get asked for my recipes. Many times I would email them the link if I got it from a Web site or copy the page from a recipe book, but recipients very often complained that theirs “didn’t come out as good.”   Sometimes this is for obvious reasons, such as quality of ingredients or cooking equipment (i.e. bad muffin pans can lead to bad muffins); but sometimes it was little things I did, like using slightly more sugar or vanilla or butter than the recipe called for. So I thought I would just put it all out there, extra sugar and all. Two, I wanted to help other parents that are intimidated by baking, or are just totally out of ideas about what to make for their family.

About the Recipes
These are recipes that are time-tested and people-approved.  They result in food that is eaten! I have hundreds of cookbooks, and I have visited hundreds of web sites and I have tried hundreds of recipes that have resulted in subpar end results. Those books and web sites are written by talented, articulate, experienced cooks/chefs/recipe writers but for whatever reason the recipes I tried didn’t work for me.  In this way, some of my recipes might not appeal to you or work for you. And for that, I am sorry.  I do not claim my recipes are foolproof or authentic to their regional cuisine or origin.  They just worked for me.  It is my sincere hope that they work for you, or at very least, inspire you to home cooking greatness.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. In this world of ordinary people…………I’m glad there is you. Have you ever heard Nancy Lamott sing that song. This is what comes to mind early Sunday a.m.
    In this life of way too much stuff flying in the air… I will be glad to tune into your station and hear your patter and enjoy your thoughts about the really important things. Scramble eggs are so much more important than pheasant under glass. I stand with you and behind you brother……and yes yes yes on your hummus. Big Hug and glad you are out there on the line again.

  2. Robert, I love to read what you write, even if i can’t get at the food you write about! Continent too wide…love to all d/m

  3. Love your new blog, especially the part where you talk about me. Need a good recipe for chopped liver?

  4. Today I found myself with an overabundance of peaches, and although I was really Jonsing for your delightfully moist and crunchy apple cake, I used peaches instead. Please stay tuned

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