Don’t Waste Bananas! Perfect Banana-Chocolate Chip Muffins

My kids seems to eat more bananas than nearly-cramping athletes during two weeks at the French Open (see this article about tennis players and bananas). It’s hard even keeping them in stock. But once in a while, there comes a week at my house where the number of bananas purchased and the number consumed are terribly mismatched.Continue reading “Don’t Waste Bananas! Perfect Banana-Chocolate Chip Muffins”

Caramels, Soft or Chewy?

A lot of people make plans for the holiday like going to the beach.  I always like to take the time to try out something new in the kitchen.  Over the past few days I have made a challah (recipe coming soon) banana chocolate chip muffins (ditto) and caramels. I took the caramel recipe fromContinue reading “Caramels, Soft or Chewy?”

No Risk Hummus!

I have sworn off ever buying mass-produced hummus again, and this was BEFORE THE LISTERIA RECALL from Trader Joe’s and Target (you can read about that here, if you want). Why? Because when I do try them, they almost all have the same problem: no taste, or a taste so very weak it’s not worth eating.    Continue reading “No Risk Hummus!”

Need a Recipe for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day? Here’s One!

PULL UP A CHAIR, this will take a while. Chocolate chip cookies to me are like coffee.  They are so simple that they’ve been made for hundreds of years, and yet, like coffee, the methods to make, the final product, and their essence and qualities are the subject of endless debate.   Do you like yourContinue reading “Need a Recipe for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day? Here’s One!”

The Kale Caesar Salad Secret of Seattle

In 2013, I went to Seattle for three nights and had occasion to eat a Kale caesar salad not once or twice, but three times.  And every time it was fantastic beyond my wildest expectations.   How, I wondered, could they make Kale, the Castor Oil of salad greens, so delicious that I wanted toContinue reading “The Kale Caesar Salad Secret of Seattle”

A Few of My Favorite Ingredients

For me, there is no doubt that great products come from great ingredients.  Therefore, I have started to develop a preference for things as I moved from a naive beginner to a more experienced occupant of the kitchen. Most of the things in my kitchen come from Whole Foods, Penzey’s a regular supermarket or aContinue reading “A Few of My Favorite Ingredients”

World’s Best Chocolate Cake Recipe

Of all the things I make for people, this recipe is probably the single most requested.   I must admit, that I got the recipe from a web site, ingeniously titled “The Best Chocolate Cake Recipe.”  The recipe there is nearly perfect.  Yet I felt I had to make a few modifications from the originalContinue reading “World’s Best Chocolate Cake Recipe”

“No Secrets” Brisket Recipe

Whether you call it Pot Roast or Brisket it seems everyone has a recipe handed down from their Mom, that has a “secret.”   They are all so proud and mysterious: “I can’t tell you what it is.”   After years of experiments with everything from Manaschevitz wine to Heinz Ketchup, I can now conclude that myContinue reading ““No Secrets” Brisket Recipe”

Simple Pulled Pork Recipe

If you are looking for an easy pulled pork recipe, you’ve come to the right place. Now I am not, for a minute, claiming that this is better than the hundreds of other recipes for pulled pork there. There are those who have worked tirelessly on their own rub recipes, experimented with types of wood,Continue reading “Simple Pulled Pork Recipe”