Charlie’s in Boston Closing, A Low-Arts Tragedy.

UPDATE! The Boston Globe reports that Chef Evan Deluty, who runs Stella in the South End, is “passing papers” on the Charlie’s Sandwich Shoppe this week and plans to re-open the restaurant in 2015.   Charlie’s Sandwich Shoppe (love that it used the old time spelling of Shoppe) closed today.   I can’t add anything to the story, exceptContinue reading “Charlie’s in Boston Closing, A Low-Arts Tragedy.”

Make Your Own Pop Tarts! It’s (Pretty) Easy.

One of the things I am always focused on as a parent is getting my kids to eat healthy.  But this is a RELATIVE term because “healthy” in the end is measured by degrees, and is by no means an absolute.   For instance, you are not often given the choice of “salad with quinoa or chickenContinue reading “Make Your Own Pop Tarts! It’s (Pretty) Easy.”

On Father’s Day

As I reflect on the holiday known as Father’s Day, I am thinking about my relationship to food and my children.  I desperately want to teach them things I know about food, and some things I think about food, which aren’t facts, but to me are just as important.  There are two big goals forContinue reading “On Father’s Day”

Sweet Potato Crisps

My daughter got an assignment to bring a lunch to a trip to Ye Olde Schoolhouse.   One of the conditions of the lunch was that it be carried in authentic containers from the 19th century, like a burlap sack or such.  The other more pertinent condition was that all lunches had to be madeContinue reading “Sweet Potato Crisps”

The Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich

For starters, let me say that you are not going to read anything here that’s surprising or new.  That the title of this post claims this is perfect is part marketing, part hyperbole and all the results of user-testing in my household; from visiting guests to permanent residents.  Over and over again it meets withContinue reading “The Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich”