Perfect Bread, Easy as Pie

My first adult baking task was completed on the advice from a friend who suggested I could turn a great pie with off-the-shelf supermarket ingredients like frozen pie dough and minute tapioca, and he was right.   “Easy as Pie” was true.   Over the decade and half since, I have occasionally challenged myself toContinue reading “Perfect Bread, Easy as Pie”

Best Gingerbread Ginger Snaps / Spice Cookies

Thanksgivings of my childhood were spent with my maternal grandparents and almost always it meant a trip to Pennsylvania and Ivin’s Famous Spiced Wafers.   My cousins and I loved these cookies so much that even with all the food and family it always what we talked about in January.  “Why can’t we get moreContinue reading “Best Gingerbread Ginger Snaps / Spice Cookies”