2017 The Year in Food December – Family

I love making frittatas since they feel like baking more than cooking even though they really are a traditional breakfast cooked-dish.   I love bacon, cheese and sautéed onions (and if I have them, scallions, shallots, red peppers or yesterday’s asparagus or broccoli).  When people are staying at my house, I always make a 10-eggContinue reading “2017 The Year in Food December – Family”

2017 The Year in Food November- New Takes

If I feel certain about anything, it’s that my apple cake recipe is a winner. However, as people who know me know, just because something is good doesn’t mean it’s good enough.  For this reason, I must continue to try and innovate as much as I can.  In this case, it was a recipe thatContinue reading “2017 The Year in Food November- New Takes”

2017 The Year in Food October- Seasonal Treats

October is time for Halloween and that means making things for special occasions.  For the most part I don’t want to do that since mostly the holiday is about candy, and I don’t want to compete with candy.  That said you can only eat so much candy before you want something substantial and non-chocolate orContinue reading “2017 The Year in Food October- Seasonal Treats”

2017 The Year in Food September – Savory

I continue to experiment with savory items, not content to just serve up the final act in a meal’s performance.   Above potato knishes, made in response to having a surplus of mashed potatoes made with onions and schmaltz (rendered chicken fat).  Growing up in NY knishes were available everywhere–whether from the venerable old deliContinue reading “2017 The Year in Food September – Savory”

2017 The Year in Food August – Scale

Gratefully, I have naturally started to get requests on a larger scale than previously. So instead of “Yeah, bring something” it’s more like “We’re having a party and…”   I have liked the challenge of trying to understand the audience and plan for meeting their needs for baked goods.   Sometimes there are requests (weddings,Continue reading “2017 The Year in Food August – Scale”

2017 Year in Food July – Copycat Recipes

I love to do the ‘copycat’ recipes.  In fact, the reason I started really baking in the first place was to make things for my kids that would be less harmful (if only slightly) than the supermarket brands of the same thing.  I never wanted to say ‘don’t eat twinkles!’  I just wanted to sayContinue reading “2017 Year in Food July – Copycat Recipes”

2017 The Year in Food June – Bread

I really love making bread.  I don’t love it more than anything else, but it is a true exercise in faith.  You make it, and then go to bed.  When you get up in the morning, you expect the sun to rise and the bread to rise.   Having both makes the world seem likeContinue reading “2017 The Year in Food June – Bread”

2017 Year in Food May – Food Color

Of course once you have a level of comfort with something, as I started to have with meringue cookies, then I wanted to do something more exciting with them (except for some of the flavors they are a rather boring off-white color).  For my friend Jill’s wedding, I wanted to create something that honored herContinue reading “2017 Year in Food May – Food Color”

2017 Year in Food April – Passover Foods

In the past few years I have been perfecting the art of SCALE.  And that is, how to plan for more than just ‘a few cookies.’    In this picture, I had just made gefilte fish to serve about four nights of Passover—of which I was only going to be at two of.  This recipeContinue reading “2017 Year in Food April – Passover Foods”