Pretty F*#%in’ Good Blondies

If you’re going to strap on an apron and call yourself a baker so you can churn out highfalutin’ stuff, go ahead.  But you better be able to sing the hits, too, because the number of times a family baker has the time to make croissants or gets requests for baked Alaska are pretty small.  Instead, thereContinue reading “Pretty F*#%in’ Good Blondies”

Hard Lemonade: The Best Tequila Drink for Non-Tequila Drinkers

#MARGARITAFAIL. If you’ve ever had the pressure-filled situation of having twenty limes, a bottle of good tequila and a group of assembled guests waiting for delicious margaritas to come out of your kitchen (or bar) then the post is for you. Because that’s happened to me. A lot.  And no matter what I do, IContinue reading “Hard Lemonade: The Best Tequila Drink for Non-Tequila Drinkers”