Why are M&M Cookies a #cookiefail?  I know people like them.   Most of the time, they are just plain sugar cookies that have M&Ms shoved in them. Sometimes they are chocolate chip cookies without chips and have M&Ms substituted.   I personally don’t like or buy M&M cookies, because mostly, they are dry and crumbly, the cookie part tastes bad and the M&Ms are often broken.  These problems are almost always compounded by the cookie being wrapped in cellophane, often attempting to mask the age of the cookie.   I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking “it’s easy for you, you make cookies all

M&M Cookie, bakery tray, cookies at a bagel shop
M&M Cookies are part of what’s wrong with the world today.

the time, you don’t have to buy cookies at a bakery, bagel shop or small grocery store.”  But it’s not true.  I get the urge for cookies all the time, and I often act on that urge, if only to taste a cookie to see if it’s something incredible.   Though I have loved many chocolate chip and sugar cookies in my life, the M&M cookie is nearly always  a disappointment (very much like those chocolate chip cookies with hundreds of tiny chips on them instead of inside them).   I implore all you readers to refrain from buying them now, and in the future, and perhaps they will disappear entirely.

Why am I hater on the M&M Cookie?  It’s really because of a revelation I had several years ago, while eating cookie dough ice cream (another meld of desserts).  I thought “I don’t really want cookie dough ice cream, I just want the cookie dough.  I realized that I could make (or buy) better cookie dough then I was getting in the ice cream.  Also, there wasn’t very much cookie dough.  Why was I eating all that plain vanilla ice cream when I could have been using those calories more effectively eating more cookie dough?    From that moment on I never again ordered cookie dough ice cream.  And the same goes for M&M Cookies.  If you want M&Ms, buy some.  If you want a sugar cookie, make some or buy some.  But you are not going to convince me that either of those things get better in combination with each other.   The M&Ms don’t taste better cooked, or get better when they are cracked or covered with cellophane.  Very often, the people making these cookies are using the worst, plainest, and least appealing cookie base to host a few cents worth of candy to get you to buy it.  M&Ms and cookies are not two great tastes that go together.  They are not peanut butter and chocolate, or even peanut butter and jelly.  They need to be kept separately, at least in my cookie jar.