Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons

Growing up on the East Coast, we always looked forward to Spring because it meant freedom from snow (which would be black and dirty by April),  and the Passover/Easter holidays, which themselves brought candy, days off from school and special visits with relatives.    As far back as I can remember, Macaroons were one of the things I … Continue reading Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons

New York Style Black and White Cookies: Baking for Harmony

My wife is a teacher and asked if there was anything I could bake to represent Martin Luther King, Jr day.  After discarding many ideas, we concluded Black and Whites would be appropriate as a sweet treat for her classes.  Though in the final execution, some of them look more Yin-Yang looking than half moon, they taste great, … Continue reading New York Style Black and White Cookies: Baking for Harmony

Pretty F*#%in’ Good Blondies

If you're going to strap on an apron and call yourself a baker so you can churn out highfalutin' stuff, go ahead.  But you better be able to sing the hits, too, because the number of times a family baker has the time to make croissants or gets requests for baked Alaska are pretty small.  Instead, there … Continue reading Pretty F*#%in’ Good Blondies

Make Your Own Pop Tarts! It’s (Pretty) Easy.

One of the things I am always focused on as a parent is getting my kids to eat healthy.  But this is a RELATIVE term because "healthy" in the end is measured by degrees, and is by no means an absolute.   For instance, you are not often given the choice of "salad with quinoa or chicken … Continue reading Make Your Own Pop Tarts! It’s (Pretty) Easy.