New England’s Only, Insanely Great Bagel

Exodus Bagels of JP, Boston's Best Bagel, Best of Boston Bagel, NY Style Bagels


After writing and rewriting this post about fifty times I have concluded that I must keep this about how incredible Exodus Bagels are and not anything about the despair in New England that preceded their arrival, and made “Exodus” the perfect name for the end of the bagel drought.  

THE BAGELS AT EXODUS are a revolution and a revelation. They are nothing short of perfect.  They are what bagels are supposed to be, and have honestly, not been for years. And yes, that’s my opinion, but it’s the opinion of a baker, a New Yorker and someone with at least forty years of experience in bagel shopping, toasting and eating.

The bagel itself fulfills the bagel’s original and highest purpose: to be a workout for your mouth and mouth muscles. THE BITE of an Exodus Bagel, toasted or straight, in all its regal crispy-ness is a delight: Crunchy, but not hard; chewy, but no pushover.  Satisfyingly made of the best ingredients.

AMAZINGLY they have something that no other Boston bagel has: flavor.  From the humble plain to the remarkable “Everywhere” bagel (seeds ‘n’ stuff inside) you can actually taste the bagel while you’re chewing it (which could be a while).   

THEIR BOUQUET (especially after adding Exodus’ Scallion Cream Cheese) is intoxicatingly salty; garlicky; oniony.  As is common at brunches in New York, one could swoon from the aroma of too many in one place; waiting on line in Exodus’ JP Store has made me weak in the knees several times.  

The bagels themselves are not just conceived correctly; they are deployed with the utmost care and excellence to create an “insanely great” bagel that is actually BETTER than any bagel from New York that I have had in recent memory.  YES I SAID BETTER.   Their pedigree announces itself: from their hand-made shapes; their size; their color(s); their seed to bagel ratio; and their sheen.  These bagels have been created by a dedicated staff of talented artisans.

I’m sorry to say that if you enter Exodus bagels, your commitment to abstinence from carbs will likely have to come to an end. Forever, as mine has as long as Adam Hirsch is producing bagels.