For Alexander Hamilton’s birthday, I gleefully re-present the collection of flavors (The Federalist Flavors) I worked to create with my sister-in-law at Jane’s Ice Cream and my family (my brother  did the poster and ice cream containers)! We did it as a labor of love and then they were able to share it with the original cast of Hamilton at the Richard Rogers for an ice cream social.

Again, we did it just to thank the incredible cast and crew for creating the most incredible broadway show of our generation. When Hamilton: An American Musical posted the ice cream menu to their Instagram feed (, it got over 31k likes and 16k comments. For Hamilton that’s not unusual, but it was exciting to be a part of! We were huge fans and the fans loved it! The Hamilton flavors aren’t available to the world but the great Ice Cream of Jane’s Ice Cream is. Happy birthday to the 10 Dollar Founding Father!  #alexanderhamilton #janesicecream